Nothing can explain this adventure – let’s say a quirk

of fortune steered us together – we made our covenants,

began this odyssey of ours, by hunch and guesswork,

a blind date where foolish love consented in advance.

No, my beloved, neither knew what lay behind the frontiers.

You told me once you hesitated:  a needle can wave,

then fix on its pole; I am still after many years

that the needle’s gift dipped in my favour.

Should I dare to be so lucky? Is this a dream?

Suddenly in the commonplace that first amazement seizes

me all over again – a freak twist to the theme,

subtle jazz of the new familiar, trip of surprises.

Gratuitous, beyond our fathom, both binding and freeing,

this love re-invades us, shifts the boundaries of our being.