Stains are in, stains are in,

The instant our songs begin


To rockaby my darling baby

Dreaming up worlds of maybe.


Then byssa, byssa barnet

Beddie byes my snowy Arne,


Quieter now and slumber-bound,

Rest in lulls of milky sound.


Ninna nanna, ninna nanna,

La mia bambina italiana.


Aja papaya, aja papaja

Doze so meine kleine Freya.


Hushaby and nen-nen-yo

The moon is high in Tokyo.


Bí bí og blaka Viking Anna,

Seoithín, seoithín, seó a leanbh,


All is well I wouldn’t lie,

Trust again this bye and bye.


Valleys deep and dark unruly,

Dafydd Bach, si hei lwli.


Kuus, kuus, kalike,

My Tallinn child night won’t stay.


Sandman fallen, lullaby sung,

Sleep my love in a mother tongue.